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Lianhe Zaobao

6 November 1993


Our founder shares that it is not common to have baos made by Teochew. He works tirelessly for 16 to 17 hours to prepare the ingredients for our bao just so as to bring a unique delight to others.

Lianhe Zaobao

9 December 2006


Teochew Handmade Pau

Our founder shares that together with his son, they will handmake the baos at a factory as well as the stall space is rather cramped. He wakes up at 4am to begin the day's work. Our pau smells more fragrant and taste better as it is handmade. He shares that one must have the stamina and perseverance to be in this trade.

The Sunday Times

5 September 2010

Doing Justice to Bao

We are listed as one of the top 8 places to satisfy your bao craving. The handmade bao are small and easy to eat. It is easy to eat many pieces of the kong bak bao - like a miniature pulled pork bun - at a go. An intriguing option is the Boy & Girl Bao - a delicious combination of salted egg yolk and lotus paste that is not too sweet.

The Straits Times

3 February 2019


Passing Down Traditions

Our founder believes in handmaking the pau daily at the stall and passing down this craft to his son.

Lianhe Zaobao

10 March 2019

The Traditional Taste of Braised Pork Bun

Our founder was interviewed by Bryan Wong in this episode and shared more about our kong bak pau.

Old Taste Detective 古早味侦探2 Episode 11

16 March 2021