One and only Teochew Pau in Singapore

Teochew Handmade Pau’s journey began on a promise that Mr Yeoh made to his late wife in 1993 - to bring up their 3 children and support their pursuit of further education.

Since the 1990s when Mr Yeoh was mastering his skills in the kitchen, the feel of his hands has been the only scale that guides him. Throughout the process of making each delicate steamed bun, his instincts prompt him on the desired measure of ingredients required to concoct these flavourful delights.

Being in the heart of Toa Payoh, he opens his stall at 6.30am rain or shine to serve the morning breakfast crowd so that all can "吃得饱" (eat well) and have a good start to the day. His children helps out at the stall on weekends and holidays.

However, all was not smooth sailing. In 1999, the Nipah virus resulted in many abstaining from pork-related food while SARS in 2003 forced many to refrain from dining out. In the last decade, ageing and declining stamina of Mr Yeoh and his helpers made it difficult to cope with the labour-intensive work. Fortunately, Mr Yeoh's grit and his children coming in to take on the business has helped him overcome these challenges.

Even under the stewardship of the second generation, the Yeoh family continues the tradition - from handmaking paus to dishing out baskets of our signatures such as kong bak pau (braised pork bun) and longevity bun which often sell out by twelve noon. We also have a variety of classic dim sum favourites like siew mai (traditionally shrimp and pork dumping which we have replaced with fish meat), fan choy (steamed rice with charcoal BBQ pork slices) and lo mai gai (steamed glutinous rice with pork slices) that definitely warrants a try.


Our Brand Identity


New Logo

Our logo symbolises our founder's family value of working hard for the family and his "never give up" attitude.

The 2 hands in the sea of waves represent Mr Yeoh toiling away through good and bad times.

The longevity pau with 3 leaves represents Mr Yeoh's desire to have his food be passed on for generations through his 3 children.



Mr Yeoh continues to guide his second generation successor to ensure the preservation of our heritage and food quality, underlining our persistence of crafting each Teochew delicacy by hand. The close-knit partnership between generations of our family reflects a seamless blend of tradition and modernism; retaining the traditional qualities whilst refining to suit the needs of health-conscious population through emphasis on healthy fats, low sugar and lower added sodium.

Teochew Handmade Pau will continue to satisfy the palates of our multi-generation populace and uphold our tradition of crafting simple handmade goodness with flavours that connects to our roots—because we understand what a rare comfort it is to find foods that are able to withstand the test of time and transient fads.